Grade 11 - Computer Science


Chapter 1: Computer Fundamentals

Solution to Exercises

    Answer the following questions.

  1. Name at least four early calculating devices.
  2. answer
  3. Name the first operational general purpose computer.
  4. answer
  5. Who first proposed the concept of ‘Stored Program Computer’?
  6. answer
  7. Define the IPO cycle.
  8. Differentiate between data and information.
  9. answer
  10. Explain the Von Neumann Computer.
  11. answer
  12. Compare the salient features of first and second generation computers.
  13. answer
  14. Why is Charles Babbage known as the Father of Modern Computers?
  15. answer
  16. Explain the functional components of a computer with the help of a block diagram.
  17. answer
  18. What are the functions of the control unit?
  19. answer
  20. Where are the instructions needed to start a computer stored?
  21. answer
  22. Explain booting process and its types.
  23. answer
  24. Differentiate between :
    1. Digital computers and analog computers.
    2. answer
    3. Microcomputers and Mini Computers.
    4. answer