Grade 6 - संस्कृत

प्रतमः पाठः

शब्दपरिचयः - I

एषः कः?
एषः चषकः।
किम् एषः बृहत्?
न, एषः लघु।

What is this?
This is a glass.
Is it big?
No, it is small.

एषः - he, it or this (masculine)

कः - who (person) or what (inanimate)

एषः कः? - who is he/this?
or what is this/it?

सः कः?
सः सौचिकः।
सौचिकः किं करोति?
किं सः खेलति?
न, सः वस्त्रं सीव्यति।

Who is he?
He is a tailor.
What is the tailor doing?
Is he playing?
No, he is sewing.

एषः and सः both mean he or it (masculine).
एषः is used to refer to a person or an object nearby while सः is used for a person or an object away from the speaker.
Hence, एषः and सः can also imply this and that.

एतौ कौ?
एतौ शुनकौ स्तः।
किम् एतौ गर्जतः?
न, एतौ उच्चैः बुक्कतः।

What are these (two)?
These are two dogs.
Are they roaring?
No, they are barking loudly.

एतौ कौ? can also mean Who are they (both)?.

शुनकौ means two dogs; शुनकः means a dog.

गर्जतः - roaring. बुक्कतः - barking. उच्चैः - loudly.

तौ कौ?
तौ बलीवर्दौ स्तः।
सौचिकः किं करोति?
किं तौ धावतः?
न, तौ क्षेत्रं कर्षतः।

What are those (two)?
Those are two oxen.
Are they running?
No, they are ploughing the field.

तौ is those two while एतौ is these two.

बलीवर्दौ means two oxen; बलीवर्दः means an ox.

धावतः - running. कर्षतः - ploughing. क्षेत्रं - field.

एते के?
एते स्यूताः सन्ति।
किम् एते हरितवर्णाः?
नहि, एते नीलवर्णाः सन्ति।

What are these?
These are bags.
Are they green (in colour)?
No, they are blue (in colour).

एते - these; स्यूताः -bags;

हरितवर्णाः -green in colour

नीलवर्णाः - blue in colour.

ते के?
ते वृद्धाः सन्ति।
किं ते गायन्ति?
नहि, ते हसन्ति।

Who are they?
They are old men.
Are they singing?
No, they are laughing.

ते is those while एते is these.

वृद्धाः means old men; गायन्ति means singing.

हसन्ति - laughing